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Parelli Levelsprogramm

The Parelli Levels Programme

The Parelli Levels Programme allows you to learn Natural Horsemanship step by step.

Move through the basics to more advanced concepts, both on the ground and in the saddle.

Parelli training consists of four "Levels". Novices begin at Level 1 and then follow the Parelli Programme step by step to Level 4. Level 4 also serves as a springboard for those wishing to pursue a professional career as a licensed Parelli Instructor.


Each of the four levels is devoted to a different focus:

  • Level 1


  • Level 2


  • Level 3


  • Level 4


The four levels build on one another to enable a systematic and efficient study of the philosophy of natural horsemanship.

Official Parelli Auditions

If you wish, you can also progress through the individual levels through official Parelli Auditions and receive a corresponding certificate. Participation in Auditions requires active Parelli Savvy Club membership. The entire process is handled via Parelli USA.

Click here to learn more about Parelli Auditions.


Parelli On Line Engpass

Harmony on the ground and in the saddle

Parelli Natural Horsemanship is much more than just riding. Training focuses on four types of play called "Savvys" during which you develop your skills with your horse both on the ground and in the saddle. Another important component of the Parelli Programme is "Horsenality". Here you will learn different skills and techniques as well as delve deeply into the natural behaviour of horses.


The Parelli Programme's Four Savvys:

  • On Line

    Communication on the ground, with lead rope

  • Liberty

    Communication on the ground, without lead rope

  • Freestyle

    Riding without constant rein contact

  • Finesse

    Refined riding with rein contact

On Line - Liberty - Freestyle - Finesse

Online - Spielen am Boden am Seil

The goal

The Parelli Programme is primarily about your personal development into a genuine "horseman". You develop your own skills and knowledge with the goal of being the best leader you can be for your horse, and for your horse to trust you, respect you, and follow your suggestions with motivation. This is what distinguishes Parelli Natural Horsemanship from similar philosophies which concentrate primarily on training the horse.

We at Parelli want you to become so good with horses that even your horse will think so!

Learn from the comfort of your own home

Online beginners course with Walter Gegenschatz