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Parelli Auditions

As a Parelli Savvy Club Member, you have the option to be officially tested on Parelli Levels and awarded a certificate.
What are Official Parelli Auditions?

The Auditions are an offer from Parelli USA and a marvellous opportunity to regularly test your own progress and officially finish a Level with a certificate and recognition. A successful Audition acts as a mile marker in your Parelli education and proof of your individual progress and your acquired skills. Here you have the opportunity to show what you've learned and the good relationship you've developed with your horse. We frequently see pupils getting stuck at a certain point in courses because they lack perspective or have not set clear goals for themselves. The Official Level Auditions provide you with such goals to measure your progress.

To participate in a Parelli Audition you must be a Parelli Savvy Club member.

The Auditions are practical tests. They consist of a series of compulsory tasks that you must carry out, as well as a selection of optional exercises from which you can choose. So, there are "compulsory" and "freestyle" parts. This system allows you a certain flexibility in putting together your audition.

Auditions are structured as follows:

Level 1:
You must only complete the Savvy On Line.
Those who audition successfully are awarded the Red Savvy String, a Level 1 certificate and Level 1 pin.

Level 2:
You must complete the Savvys On Line & FreeStyle.
Those who audition successfully are awarded the Blue Savvy String, a Level 2 certificate and Level 2 pin.

Level 3:
You must complete the Savvys On Line, FreeStyle, and Liberty.
Those who audition successfully are awarded the Green Savvy String, a Level 3 certificate and Level 3 pin.

Level 4:
You must complete all four Savvys – On Line, Free Style, Liberty, and Finesse.
Those who audition successfully are awarded the Black Savvy String, a Level 4 certificate and Level 4 pin. When you pass Level 4, you will have successfully completed the basic training in Parelli Natural Horsemanship and can apply for the Instructor Training Programme.

Parelli Level-Zertifikate
How do auditions work?
  • First, purchase your Audition Number at (you need a separate number for each Audition that you wish to take). The Audition Number corresponds to the sales number which you'll receive with your order confirmation in the Parelli US Web Shop after completion of payment.
  • Then download your Audition Packet with your Audition materials:
    On Line
  • Next, go through your Task List to prepare for your Audition.
  • Put together your audition, which should not be longer than 10 minutes per each Savvy selected.
  • When you're ready, have someone record your audition and then upload your video on YouTube (you can set your YouTube video to "private" so that your video can only be seen by viewers with whom you have shared the link.)
  • Then fill out the Audition Form and send it to
  • The Auditions Team in the USA will evaluate your audition and you will receive your evaluation directly via email.
    Depending on the number of Auditions that the Audition Team must evaluate, it may take up to four weeks until you receive your results; however, this normally takes only a few days.

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