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There are various ways to learn Parelli Natural Horsemanship. Let us assist you!
There are many paths that lead you to your goal!

Here in Europe there are several ways you can learn Parelli Natural Horsemanship. For your first step, we recommend attending one of our Beginner Courses. This will help you to lay a solid foundation and rest assured that mistakes won't start to creep in or that you'll miss important information that's essential for your later success.

Our licensed Parelli Instructors don't just teach courses, they also give private instruction, week-long intensive courses at their own facilities, and provide horse training (young horses, problems horses, breaking in). Another way to learn is through video coaching, which several of our instructors offer. Please contact the instructors directly for more information.

Another option is a subscription membership to the Parelli Savvy Club which is offered by Parelli USA. As a Savvy Club member you get exclusive access to an extensive collection of Parelli home study materials (in English) made available to you over the platform. You can work through Levels 1 to 4 on your own. As a member, you also benefit from various discounts here in Europe. Get discounts on certain courses as well as purchases in the European Parelli Web Shop.


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Licensed Parelli Instructors

Licensed Parelli instructors provide competent guidance in lessons, courses, or your horse's training.

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Online beginners course with Walter Gegenschatz