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Instruction Options

We offer a full range of services and products in Natural Horsemanship: training, equipment, support.
The world of Parelli from one source

Our team offers you the complete Parelli package in your region and, of course, in your language. The Parelli Training Programme is quite extensive. With us you can advance your skills in ground work, riding and equine psychology, no matter your riding style, previous knowledge or goals.

Our Courses at a Glance

Private instruction

All licensed Parelli instructors offer both courses and individual instruction. Some of our instructors operate riding facilities where, for example, they hold intensive weeks, individual training options, riding lessons, etc. Contact a Parelli Instructor directly for more information and to set up an appointment.

Horse training

  • Individual schooling for horses according to the principles of Parelli Natural Horsemanship
  • Young horses (basic training, breaking in)
  • Horses with special needs ("problem horses", restarts)
  • Stallions

Please contact a Parelli Instructor to enquire about the services they offer for schooling your horse.

Video Coaching

Most Parelli Instructors offer the option of video coaching. You send a video of a specific problem or question and receive an individual assessment or answer from the instructor. Please contact a Parelli Instructor to enquire about their services and prices for video coaching.

Trade Fairs and Demonstrations

Our Team are frequently booked to appear at trade fairs and demonstrations (for riding associations, equestrian events, etc.). Contact us for more information on our services.

Everything Parelli from One Source

Licensed Parelli Instructors

Licensed Parelli instructors provide competent guidance in lessons, courses, or your horse's training.

Parelli Webshop

Im europäischen Parelli Webshop findest du die gesamte Parelli Ausrüstung, Lehrmittel und Zubehör.

Parelli Courses & Seminars

Our wide range of courses is geared to both Parelli newcomers and advanced learners.