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Parelli tools are well-designed and made to last. You're investing in true quality.
The quality you need to succeed!

Whilst searching for quality to help improve his efficiency with horses, Pat Parelli quickly realized that he would have to design and develop his own tools, as he could find nothing suitable on the market.

There are many misunderstandings on how different tools are used for efficiency in working with horses. Things with leverage, side reins, martingales, sharp bits... in today's horse world you'll find everything imaginable. However, all these mechanical tools work only to a certain point. It is much more efficient to win the heart and mind of a horse through the specific use of various natural aids which have been specially developed for fair communication between man and horse.

Parelli tools are so popular that they've been copied all over the world.

Unfortunately, the importance of weight, selection of materials and quality are often overlooked here. These copies look much like the real things, but differ enormously in their handling. The result is a product that doesn't last as long or makes the user work harder and longer to get a positive result.

Of course, it's not compulsory to use original Parelli tools to train using the Parelli Programme. But everyone who uses the originals will tell you how much easier it is when you have the right tools at hand. Once you've used Parelli tools, you'll never want to use anything else!

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